17 June 2011

Friday Five: 5 Beautiful YA Book Covers

I thought today was the perfect day to appreciate some beautiful YA book covers that came out this year or will be released later in 2011. While this is obviously not an all inclusive list, I hope you enjoy this little bit of book cover beauty.

By Lauren DeStefano

This cover is absolutely breathtaking. I love the posture of the girl, her dress, the mysterious bird in a cage, and the darkness of it. All of these elements combined really makes me want to read this book.
By Alison Goodman

I love how powerful and brave this chick looks. I know right away that this story is going to be about a strong female character, one who quite frankly I think looks awesome dual wielding her swords. I also love the subtlety of the dragon looking down at her from the sky.
The Iron Thorn
By Caitlin Kittredge

The darkness of this cover is really captivating to me. It makes me wonder what this girl is thinking as she stands there hunched over clutching her dress. The birds circling overhead and the look on her face as she stares off into the distance only make me even more curious about her story.
By Caragh M. O’Brien

The blues of this cover are so beautiful. It really reminds me of watching ocean waves (something I love doing) and pulls me into the cover like a strong undertow would. I also love the mystery of not knowing quite what I’m looking at.
Imaginary Girls
By Nova Ren Suma

The way the girl’s red hair pops against the blue water really makes this cover amazing to look at. It’s very simple, but very captivating all at the same time. Also, I love how the girl is floating below the surface of the water almost like she’s dancing.