Sub Guidelines

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Here is the link to Rachel's submission form, as well as a brief description of her most current preferences below.

Rachel is looking for fresh stories in women’s fiction (commercial or upmarket)romancemystery, and YAShe'd like to see more books featuring POC protagonists, LGBTQIAP+ protagonists, and QPOC protagonists, particularly when #ownvoices on any of the above; second and third generation immigrant stories; complex multi-generational family dynamics; food, community, and culture intertwining; non-western retellings or mythological influences; complicated sibling relationships; unapologetic feminist characters; and secrets from loved ones which are not rooted in cheating.

Rachel is not currently seeking sci-fi, paranormal, or nonfiction.

Some non-client titles that inspire her list include Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune, Ayesha at Last, Next Year in Havana, The Husband's Secret, Mimi Lee Gets a Clue, American Panda, and The Way You Make Me Feel.

To learn more about Rachel's tastes in each genre, check out her Publishers Marketplace page.