Sub Guidelines

BookEnds has worked hard to streamline all of our processes and save a few trees. For those reasons, we ask that all submissions be made electronically through the Query Manager database.

Here is the link to Rachel's submission form, as well as a brief description of her most current preferences below. 

  • Rachel represents adult and young adult fictionIn both categories she's looking for more authors from marginalized communities. 
  • For women's fiction she is looking for commercial or upmarket stories with a strong hook. She loves to armchair travel via novels set outside of the United States. She's open to multiple POV stories when the voices are distinct and each POV has a fulfilling arc. She's not the best fit for inspirational fiction. 
  • For adult romance she gravitates toward high-concept stories that can stand out in a crowded market. 
  • She represents a variety of young adult genres, but is particularly fond of contemporarythriller, and fantasy stories. Whether it's a fun rom-com, dark suspenseful thriller, or fantasy with detailed world-building, she wants the tight pacing to keep her turning those YA pages.
  • Some of Rachel's favorite recent reads include China Rich GirlfriendWhen Dimple Met RishiAmerican PandaThe Way You Make Me Feel, and The Kiss Quotient. Favorite shows include Great British Bake OffDownton AbbeyPretty Little Liars, and too many K-dramas to list.