Sub Guidelines

BookEnds has worked hard to streamline all of our processes and save a few trees. For those reasons, we ask that all submissions be made electronically through the Query Manager database.

Here is the link to Rachel's submission form, as well as a brief description of her most current preferences below. 

  • Rachel represents adult and young adult fictionIn both categories she's looking for more authors from marginalized communities. 
  • For women's fiction she is looking for commercial or upmarket stories with a strong hook. Some examples of her taste in women's fiction include Natalie Tan's Book of Luck and Fortune and Next Year in Havana.
  • For adult romance she gravitates toward high-concept stories that can stand out in a crowded market.
  • She represents a variety of young adult genres, but is particularly looking for YA contemporary and YA thrillers
  • Some of Rachel's favorite recent reads include China Rich Girlfriend, Love Hate & Other FiltersWhen Dimple Met RishiAmerican PandaThe Way You Make Me Feel, and The Kiss Quotient. Some favorite shows include Great British Bake OffDownton Abbeyand too many K-dramas to list.