23 March 2016

Signs of Attraction Avon Cover Reveal!

The cover for Laura Brown's first new adult romance is live at Avon's site!

I love what the Avon art department did for this cover (plus nailed the look for the hero, Reed)!

Do you know what hearing loss sounds like? I do.

All my life I've tried to be like you. I've failed.

So I keep it hidden.

But on the day my world crashed down around me, Reed was there.

He showed me just how loud and vibrant silence can be, even when I struggled to understand. 

He's unlike anyone I've ever known. His soulful eyes and strong hands pulled me in before I knew what was happening.  

And as I saw those hands sign, felt them sparking on me, I knew: imperfect could be perfect.

Reed makes me feel things I've never felt. It's exciting...and terrifying.

Because he sees me like no one else has, and I'm afraid of what he'll find if he looks too closely.

The only thing that scares me more than being with him? Letting him go.

You can pre-order now too, and then enjoy on June 14th!