30 January 2012

Best of SCBWI Conference Tweets Recap (#NY12SCBWI)

The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators held their huge New York conference this weekend. Lots of great advice was given and tweeted live throughout the event. But I’m sure lots of you couldn’t attend in person or follow the twitter feed. 

So I’ve compiled some of the best advice tweets all in one place! Now you don’t have to scroll through 3 days worth of #NYSCBWI tweets hunting for tips and the publishing industry scoop. These are only the highlights of tweets going around this weekend. Seriously...so much awesome and helpful information!

@jenbogo Definition of marketing has changed--but it's always been impt for authors to get the word out. #NY12SCBWI

@KimSabatini The editor has to make sure that they have a balance on their list. (quiet novel, flashy commercial, fun PB) Barbara Marcus #NY12SCBWI

@mbrockenbrough "Write what you know and STEAL from everybody you know. I mean their personalities." -- Henry Winkler #ny12scbwi

@GG_Silverman From Tara Welikum: "Do I love this book enough to eat, breathe & live it the next few years? Because that's what it takes." #ny12scbwi

@cameron_crane "You can't be a writer if you don't read"- Chris Crutcher #NY12SCBWI

@NeelySSimpson #NY12SCBWI changes in publishing: today's children's books sell better than adult books - Barbara Marcus

@jaimetem "Do you LIKE this book or do you want to MARRY this book?" is a phrase at Little, Brown acquisitions says Kate Sullivan. #NY12SCBWI

@jaimetem "As editors we're there to ask you the questions, not give you the answers or tell you what to do." -- Alexandra Penfold #NY12SCBWI

@jaimetem Alex Penfold: "Writers, Google yourself!" Editors look you up when your manuscript is out. Take down your frat photo montage. #NY12SCBWI

@jaimetem Editors are busy, they love your emails, but "Save up a week's questions for ONE email to send on Friday afternoon." -- @katert0t #NY12SCBWI

@BergerBooks "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Rubin Pfeffer #NY12SCBWI

@scbwi Writers PAL intensive "The more you know about marketing the more you can bring to your house" Deb Shapiro

@mbrockenbrough Lin Oliver: "We are half authors and half marketers." #NY12SCBWI

@mbrockenbrough Lin Oliver: "Believe me, your mom has $15.99 to buy your book." (So don't give her one.) #sorrymom #ny12scbwi

@mbrockenbrough Tracy Barrett on marketing: “I had no idea I had a brand until a sixth grader asked me why all my books were historical.” #ny12scbwi

@mbrockenbrough "Promise me, if you see a bad review on your book, you will say nothing." -Cindy Tamasi Hamilton #NY12SCBWI

@mbrockenbrough "Just because you don't see what's happening doesn't mean things aren't happening (in publicity/marketing)." --Tracy van Straaten #ny12scbwi

@mbrockenbrough "If you're interacting with kids in any way, authenticity is so key. Kids can see right through it." -- Deb Shapiro #NY12SCBWI

@jaimetem Jordan Brown: "Editing is like parallel parking. However many revisions you need to get as close to the curb as possible." #NY12SCBWI

@leewind "Readers go where tension is." Cassandra Clare at #NY12SCBWI

@zlikeinzorro "700 years older is better than 55..." on older paranormal boyfriends. #NY12SCBWI

@KimSabatini Epic language needs to be thought of as a limited amount in the piggy bank. Be careful where you spend it. Cassandra Clare #NY12SCBWI

@zlikeinzorro "The kind of love story that is fun to live, is not fun to read about," Cassie Clare #NY12SCBWI

@BergerBooks "In addition to the book itself, when it comes to YA, who the author is, is equally important." --Tara Weikum #NY12SCBWI

@KimSabatini Don't write the way your kids talk to you. Write the way your kids talk to their friends. Cheryl Klein #NY12SCBWI

@KimSabatini "Said" is transparent, it disappears when the other tags don't. Cheryl Klein #NY12SCBWI

@WRiterLinds "Write to please your reader self, not to please your writer self." ~Jennifer Laughran #ny12scbwi great advice!

@jeniw "An engaged author with a platform is one of the best things a book can have."-Editor Tara Weikum #NY12SCBWI

@mbrockenbrough Kathryn Erskine: "Talent isn't enough. You've gotta have grit. Talent + determination." #NY12scbwi

@mbrockenbrough Editor Wendy Loggia, on the danger of writing to trends: "What we see as a trend today is not necessarily a trend tomorrow." #ny12scbwi

@storyconnection "If you are going to be in this business for a long time, you must be an idea factory." - Peter Brown @itspeterbrown #NY12SCBWI

@bredalot Good advice: if you're writing/drawing to follow a trend, it's already too late. Start your own! #ny12scbwi

@mbrockenbrough Kathryn Erskine: "If you ever think about hanging it up, think about the one kid out there who needs you." #NY12scbwi

@scbwi Author vs writer: "writer" makes the book, "author" gets out and promotes the book. You have to be both. --Ken Wright #NY12SCBWI

I hope you found these tweets as helpful as I did! Have an awesome, creativity-filled week.