The Agency

Here is more information about the agency, as stated on the L. Perkins website:


Founded in 1987 by Lori Perkins, a former newspaper publisher and editor, the L. Perkins Agency specializes in many different genres with six agents representing approximately 100 authors to the publishing industry. The agency also has agents in many foreign territories and works with an established film/television agency to maximize exposure for our clients. In 2010, the agency broke new ground by being the first agency to hire a literary agent who worked exclusively in the digital marketplace. To this day, the L. Perkins Agency works hard to identify new publishing venues and makes it a priority to help our authors stay ahead of the curve.

The L. Perkins Agency’s five acquiring agents have a diverse range of tastes and are currently looking for material in a wide spectrum of genres and subjects. 

 For information about our agents, their individual interests, query guidelines and contact information, please visit our "Meet The Agents"  page.