02 December 2015

ICYMI: K.M. Jackson & Kimberly Bell Cover Reveals at H&H!

Did you see client K.M. Jackson's cover reveal for Romancing the Fashionista at Heroes & Heartbreakers yesterday? It's gorgeous!

A huge thank you to the team at H&H for revealing this novella cover. And of course a shout out to the team at Samhain for designing such a beauty.

Here's what you missed:

Romancing the Fashionista (The Flirty Fashionistas #1)
By K.M. Jackson, available May 10, 2016:

When fate offers a second chance, only a fool waits for the other shoe to drop. 

Manhattan fashion maven and magazine editor Melinda Mitchell shuns the social media spotlight. That is, until a tipsy girl’s night out ends with her first Facebook account and a friend request from none other than her secret high school crush, Nolan Parker.

When Nolan lost his chance at the big leagues, he signed on with Doctors Without Borders and never looked back. Now he’s back home to help out his ailing father. Running into Mel at his fifteen-year high school reunion rekindles old feelings he thought he’d buried for good.

Intrigued by Nolan’s irresistibly sexy profile, Melinda heads to the reunion with her best friend to see if the picture matches up to the man. Their instant attraction flares brighter than the Manhattan skyline.

Although the tough fashionista and accomplished ex-jock rub each other the very right way, a few stumbling blocks will decide if the heat between them is a symptom of forever love, or a past that should be left where it belongs.

Warning: Contains a tough, no-nonsense, Big-Apple businesswoman who likes to call her own shots, and a hot doctor who can turn her on with surgical precision.

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And Kimberly Bell's cover was revealed earlier this fall by Heroes & Heartbreakers too--another fun, sexy romance you don't want to miss!

A Convenient Engagement (The Countess Scandals #1)
By Kimberly Bell, available February 16, 2016:

A young lady makes an outrageous deal with a very handsome devil in this sexy debut romance set in Georgian Era London and Scotland.

An independent young woman of means, Miss Hannah Howard is as stubborn as she is beautiful. After she moves to London for her first season among the ton, she immediately finds herself in a heated dispute with her neighbor, the ill-mannered Gavan Dalreoch, Earl of Rhone. Giving the Earl a black eye is a lapse in judgment—even though the Scottish scoundrel deserved it. Now with her reputation in jeopardy, her only hope for saving face is the man whose face she bruised.

Gavan is content to live up to his rakish reputation, but with family pressuring him to marry, he and Hannah agree to get engaged just long enough to appear respectable. Yet as the charade continues with stolen kisses and a trip to Gavan's Scottish castle, Gavan and Hannah discover that their false engagement may be more real than they imagined.

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