31 July 2015

Why I'm Beyond Excited for Beyond the Red by Ava Jae

Today I have a special post for BEYOND THE RED, a young adult novel by Ava Jae coming from Sky Pony Press in March 2016. The cover reveal was Wednesday, and if you haven't checked out the signed ARC giveaway yet at YA Books Central, you totally should.

I am naturally very biased about this one. BTR shall always hold a special place in my little agenty heart, because this was one of the first projects I worked on from contest slush-to-sale with Louise Fury while training as her agent apprentice.

Working with #TeamFury not only allowed me to train, learn, email and phone chat with Ava right alongside Louise, but gave me the privilege of watching each version of BTR grow stronger and stronger. This is saying a lot, considering the high level of craftsmanship Ava already achieved from the initial draft our team received. Seeing this go from Word document to hardcover is definitely a fangirl-worthy moment.

I'm BEYOND proud (yep, title jokes have arrived) of Ava and so very happy for her. I also hope she forgives me that sometimes I forget and refer to BTR by it's old title to the husband and Query Cat. This is truly a fabulous debut, and I can't wait to put it on my keeper shelf!

Mark your calenders, folks. Ava is going to take you Beyond...